I'm not going to tell you I'm not generally the jealous type because that would be a lie, but I can say that I normally have my jealousy under control. I'm dating a guy who doesn't think like other guys (at least not the guys I normally meet) he loves me and just me. He isn't attracted to other women and I know I can trust him but when we talk I interrogate him and I don't treat him the way I should. We have been dating for five months and about two and a half years ago we dated for ten. The first time we went out he was different in a bad way and now he's changed and he's like a new person and sometimes I wonder if it's really him or and image that he portrays far too well. I do believe it's really him but I can't help but question it, and I know that he loves me and that he wouldn't leave me but when there is another being (he's straight but I get jealous of his guy friends as well) I go crazy and I don't know why if I know that he has no interest in them, not in that way. It's strange I'm not afraid that he is going to leave me or even consider it yet I get overly insecure. I don't think that he is going to cheat on me either or even stare at another girl but I still become extremely jealous. Why am I this way?