My fiance/ father of my son passed away in a car accident almost 4 years ago and last night I had a dream about him and it felt like I never lost him. I mean I still love him and haven't been serious with anyone since. In the dream he wanted to see our son and I warned him that he pry won't recognize him since he was 9 months old when his dad passed. My son has heard of and been shown pictures of his dad but had never said dad or anything like that. In the dream I took my son to meet him and he ran up to his dad and told him he missed him and loves him. In the dream we got married that same day that he saw his son for the first time since he passed. I woke up really upset and I can't stop thinking about what the dream could mean. It has me really confussed and worried. I will always love him but I know that he's never coming back but what does the dream mean?