I thought I was the only one. My daughter in law is a real piece of work. I was told before she consented to be married the following (I am single): We want you to know as you age that you aren't to live by us or even in the same state. You aren't to ever ask for any help as you age. If you have a terminal illness, do not believe that you will have any assistance or help. I was further told in the conversation that I might be a financial burden. This same speech was told to me before they got married. My only son got married and I was not allowed at the wedding.

On three occasions, my life has been threatened and my daughter in law explicitly told me how I would be killed. My daughter in law has deprecated me to my family and her family as well.

I am a survivor of sibling abuse and have PTSD. My very little contact with my daughter in law and now abusive son has caused me at time to have severe anxiety attacks. I have gone through this for 11 years and have seen my son's wife 4 times in 11 years. My son is totally controlled by her. The other day he called and missed me. I work hard to establish my boundaries. We have not been allowed to see each other for 3 years. My son was never as mean or angry as I have seen him. When I have tried to contact him, I feel that I am contacting North Korea. After 11 years, I have decided to write a diplomatic letter to her asking her in a submissive manner if she would allow my son and I to know each other. She is a therapist. A sick one.