I am 23 and my sister has just turned 16! We both live at home. Our parents can be violent towards us every so often if we do something to annoy them! They are almost always in bad form with us and with each other and will start a fight with us over anything. This year my sister has started college and its turned out she doesn't really like the course she has chosen and on top of that she has being getting very depressed because of our home life and has started getting panick attacks. She has been to the doctor several times. Yesterday morning it was my turn to take my sister to college because my mother had college that morning too. My sister forgot to put on her alarm and we both slept in. when we eventually woke we decided we wouldn't tell mam because we knew the reaction we would get. When she arrived home she ran straight for my sister started hitting her on the head and pulling her hair and pulling her down the ground. My sister ran up to her bedroom and my mother followed her and banged her head off a shelf. My sister started screaming at her to get out but mam wouldn't she just kept hitting her. I ran up to calm my sister down as she gets panick attacks and my mother turned on me hitting me 2 and trying to grab my hair. I fought her off and my sister climbed out the window. My mother proceeded to hit me but eventually got in to her car and drove after my sister and dragged her back in to the car. Eventually I got to my sister and I drove both of us to my boyfriends house wherewe have been staying since! My sister is in tatters. She is severely upset and depressed and has even wished she was dead.what do we do as I don't have a place of my own to mind my sister and I know my mother will not listen to us