I am a 26yr old gal, grew up with parents who were so strict. We were not exactly allowed to speak when they speak to us, it was said to be disrespectful. So I found myself too scared to stand and talk to people in authority and those elder than me. I have been employed several times but at work, am frustrated, am not paid what I am worth, am bullied, people ride on me, everyone thinks they can use me for their own good and I will be easy with it. Worst of all I have completely failed to negotiate my salary before I start work. Now I have decided to employ myself but am still finding problems marketing myself because I can't express myself in order to convince clients for a job. I have communication issues in my relationships, am taken for granted and pushed around. I don't have the ability to say no even when I have to say it. I have had three heartbreaks that have left me bitter and doubtful. I am tired of being like this. Please help!