Can anyone help me out here without being rude or mean to me? Yes, I know this is wrong, so you don't have to tell me that I'm a sick human being. I recently just met my uncle, he is 18 years older than me, I started to develop feelings for him, and I soon realized that these feelings were not " i love him because hes family" I knew this for the most part because I would often fantasize about him and me together, and I always find myself blushing when I'm around him, not to mention my heart beating really fast also. I try to push this out of my head. But they always find their way back to my brain. I always dream about him. And I'm constantly blocking thoughts about him. I find myself changing for him trying to make him like me more than family. I don't know what to do, and I'm scaring myself, please help me out on this one. Thanks,