There is one girl and guy that love each other very much, that had been together for more than one year already. During this period, they encountered different kind of obstacles that were trying to end up their relationship, when the obstacles comes, there is several times that the girl wanted to give up in this relationship, that was perhaps she was too young or doesn’t had much experience and was unsure. There are about more than 5 times, whenever, the girl wanted to breakup with the guy, the guy kept silent and felt upset, he didn’t want to break up, however, they stay together until now, girl realized she is right, and he is really a good man, guy still loves girl very much. One day, guy tells girl that, can she be his sister, since he is the only child at home, girl hurt so much, cause she really loves the guy that she doesn’t want to loose him,not just want him to be his brother. Girl told the guy, but guy said, he would love her very very much, cause he really love the girl, as for him, he would love his sister very much if he had one. However, they talked and come to a conclusion that, not to be brother and sister, now guy alsso won't ask girl be his sister. Few days after that night, guy asked girl, does she love him, you know the answer, girl really love him, girl also ask him back and had the same answer. Since they had been together, guy and girl never hold hands in the public, girl had ask guy several of time why. And talked about it, there are lame reasons like as for catholic, they can't hold hands until they are married;he feels more free to walk by himself cause he grew up alone and so on. Today, guy told her the real reason that he had kept inside the hurt for more than one year. He told her “ everytime he was about to hold her palm, there is something in his heart that pull himself back off.” Since then, guy began to doubt does he really like her anymore, like before. Guy found out that there is two person in himself. He told that, in this mind, he really like the girl, even though she had hurt him by wanted to give up in the relationship for several times. Guy still loves her, and don’t really care about her mistakes, but what is inside the heart of guy is that, the heart doesn’t follow what is in his mind. Guy doesn’t know what to do. Guy tried so hard to let his heart follow what is in his mind. But until today heart doesn’t change. Guy doesn’t know what to do cause he knows that she is great, she is the only girl that treat himself best after his mom,she is the most understable girl to himself. She is a lot better than before, she never behave like before anymore. What happened? Is there a wound in his heart that stays forever ? Can't he get it over?does anyone has any opinion? I am sorry for the long story,and my poor English, and thank you for following me till the end of the story.I hope that you can understand my message. Please help and give some opinion. I would so much appreciate any responses.