Lately, my sister has been very emotional than usual, I think it starts when she surrounded with family and friends that have kids that graduated from college; and she has two older boys that now in their thirties and still are very dependable on her and her husband. I noticed that every time, one of our family member is graduated, or get a job she would get depressed and find herself a place to cry or hided her feeling. On top of that, her husband is a very self center man; he never gave the boys any encouragements, or spends time with them. He put him before his family this is includes his wife and the kids.

Last week, their youngest son is graduated from college, I am sure they were very proud of him. Later on, I found out when some one asked whose all came to your son graduation? She replied in tears and said that was my pride and joy moment and not all of my family members care to show up and this is not the first time. Is my sister has low self esteem, depress and what can I do to help her?