Not sure where to start.. so I'll start by giving some details before I ask what is on my mind.
My hubby-a few months ago my husband lost his job due to an injury on the job and currently haven't been able to work cause of it and now has to deal with a settlement case. As for now, he currently going back to school so he can get a degree since everything once quilify for working in a warehouse/construction type of work he can't do anymore. He is trying to find a job to have while he is in school with the finicial aid and grants he recives to pay for it. Since the day we met, he always been a hard worker and does the best he can to be there for me. Since this injury I know it's been hard on him not being able to be the man he once was on the bringing in income.

As for me, I'm currently working(I work 3rd shift too) but don't make enough to cover all our bills that we couldn't cut out things like internet fees and cell phone service. We are down to what we have to pay like car payments and paying off our last credit card we owe besides paying our share of rent/ultilies, food, and gas in our car. I'm currently still trying to find a job that pays enough to cover all the bills like I have had to do the last few months, but so far nothing has come through and my current job won't give me anymore hrs. we also don't have any kids, but plan to later on when things get better.

The other part and the most miserable part- cause of lack of funds we had to move in with his dad and his sister that has a 3 and a 2year old boys. A couple of months ago. When it comes to sil, she has hated me since day one. She 22 years old and really been spoiled by dad growing up. So now she has this attitude that she someone special and has have her way. Even if it makes everyone else miserable and what happens benfits her in the end. So of course my fil that we live with too.. lets her walk all over him and she gets her way with everything that goes on around here. Then when it comes to her kids, she really needs to work on being the parent she needs to be with her kids like instead of relying on her daddy or assumes we are watching them just because we live here too. Plus watch what she says when yelling at them. All I have seen her do is work, buy things for her and the kids, and yell at them(with curse words and saying things like you're a dumb kid) when they do get into trouble. She works 3rd shift while kids, hubby, and fil sleeps. Another thing she likes to do is instead of staying awake when she gets off work so she can watch her kids until someone can watch them while she gets some sleep before work is goes to sleep before the kids wake up. Then the kids wake up and as kids being kids playing and making huge messes all over the house when not being watched by a adult. I'm surprised that one of them hasn't gotten themselves seriously hurt or went outside into the busy street by now. Only time she is awake is if the kids wake her up with the noise they make with playing or etc.. Even then, all I seen her do is clean the messes and yell at the kids.. then go sit down and does her thing with the TV or computer while the kids are playing or getting into things(including our bedroom that is off limits). So on top her hateing me and does what she can to make me the bad person in the house... even tries to make hubby upset with me so he will kick me out, but of course almost everytime(sometimes he doesn't see it) he sees right through it and we work through whatever she throws at us. However, no matter what my husband tries to do to make life easier for us while we live with his family. In the end I just feel stressed and miserable living here to the point I just want to take up on my parents offer for us to stay with them until hubby and I can get our own place again. He won't go cause he not a country side(15mins outside of town) person and can't handle being around my parents to long. Plus he doesn't want me to go too for his own reasons like me being here like it has been as his wife. So if I did take that offer, it means hubby and I will be living in separate houses for awhile.. til our income gets better so we can have our own place again. My question is as miserable I am living with his family. Should I take up the offer my parents gave us and I stay with them until further notice? Or stay and be miserable living with his family?