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    May 23, 2022, 01:32 PM
    boyfriends daughter not invited me to wedding - how can I feel better about it ?
    Been with boyfriend 6 years - he lived with me when their mother died . I looked after his little boy for a year and for a time after when they moved out . His eldest has always appeared to be ok with me but at xmas he lost his temper and I had 2 black eyes . O contacted her the night it happened but upset , she has since said she thought I was exagerrating - she never saw my face . At the time she gave me a lecture as i was sitting here with 2 black eyes for involving the younger lad with mine and her dads problems . Her dad had been verbally abusive before the incident leading up to it in the weeks before and I tried to explain my side , then following the incident the door bell rang and I did not know it was little boy and I answered and he saw the state of my face so she had a go at me for answering the door . He never came to mine since they moved out 5 years ago . I practically lived at theirs but came home when this incident happened . The police were involved the daughter said she didnt blame me for reporting it at the time . I was bit in shock on my own at home after the incident , the police went to arrest him and I had to message her to tell her to get the little boy out of the way . This was a week after and she had a go at me telling me to f off wierdo . Now she doesnt want me at her wedding saying I go on at people and I once approached her mothers friends son on the street asking him about her dads and mums relationship - not true .. i was out with dogs and said oh you are so and so s son you knew so and so sort of thing . Anyway I get questioned by him re this and told what his daughter is saying as reasons for not wanting me a t he wedding . I walked away from this man for 3 months had no desire to go back , was scared . I feel like I let myself down now been back there , plus all this now with his kids . apart from walkiing away , how do I feel better about not been invted to her wedding . I mean really why should I want to be there after all of this ? They are all talking about the wedding , their outfits , I was asked if I was going by friends .. none of it doing me any good , affecting him and me as I dont want to sleep with him , cant just move over it all , its been hard enough forgiving and getting back on track .. can you advise how I can pick myself up out of this and not let it all get to me re the wedding un invite . .

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