Well I think many of you will hate me :(
I'm 31y , married to a very very nice person who loves me more than any one or any thing but I cheated him .I knew someone else and to be honest some times I can't be sure I love him any way we are in this relation for more than 7 years now .
I love my husband ,some times I hate him.. same with my lover . In fact I enjoy hurting them..
I don't know what's wrong with me and don't know what do.. I made the decision many time to stop this relation most of the time because I feel terribly guilty but I couldn't.. my life is empty without him.. I know you may say I have nothing to do in my life and that's why I need him but no I have a career and family and friends " just 2"
Do I need to see a Therapist?
I'm really confused :(