Hello -

I am installing a 240V wall heater in my basement. I want to plug it directly into the existing 3-prong 240V outlet that is used for the dryer. I have run the 10/2 wire (two hot and a ground) from the heater to the outlet, but need some help figuring out how to hook this up.

From what I understand, the 3-prong outlet has two hot lines and a neutral. The heater requires two hot lines and a ground.

So, I was going to run the two hot wires from the outlet directly to the heater. That seems pretty straight-forward. But what do I do about the ground? The heater requires a ground connected to its frame, but I don't think I can simply connect the ground wire to the neutral on the outlet. I might be wrong!

Should I connect the ground wire to the outlet neutral? Connect the neutral to the metal wiring box at the outlet side? Leave off the ground (probably a bad idea!).

Any help would be great!