I have a cutler Hammer 125 amp main lug panel that I have installed for a sub panel to feed an out door kitchen and a sun room. The sub panel has 2 lugs for connecting hot wires and 1 lug for connecting a neutral. The sub panel will feed 4 ceiling fans, 9 lights,
1 bath heater, 1 refrigerator and 10 receptacles. The sub panel does not have a ground bus bar. Do I connect the ground wires with the neutrals? Do I run a ground from the 200 amp main breaker panel to the sub panel? If so, where does it connect since there is no ground lug? It is approx. 80 feet from the main breaker panel to the sub panel. What size wire would I need to run? What size breaker do I need to put in the main panel to feed the sub panel?