Thank you for the response on my sub panel questions. I finally found a slim line breaker which will work in my main panel. I can now consolidate two breakers to give me room for a 100 ap breaker. This breaker will feed the sub panel in my workshop. I plan on placing a 100 amp sub panel in the shop. I was consider using number 2 THHN wire to supply the sub panel. I believe the wire is rated at 130 amps. Since I live in Texas and the temp does rise to over 100 F and I will be placing the wires in a 2 inch conduit, I believe this wire will handle the load even after being derated. However, is number 2 wire too big? Can I use number 3 THHN wire to supply the sub panel? Also what is the difference between a CTL and Non-CTL breaker. Thanks in advance.