I had my electric heater and heated blanket plugged in and on at the same time. The heater was plugged directly into the wall. The heated blanket was plugged into an extension cord (not heavy duty) that I had plugged into the wall as well. When I plugged my computer into the extension cord, the power in my room went out. Not just that particular outlet, but both outlets in the room. All of the power in my room went out. I went to look at the circuit breaker, but it was normal. None of the switches were tripped. I turned them all off and on anyway, but that made no difference. About five minutes later, the power came back on in my room on its own. My heater has been turned off ever since and the extension cord has been unplugged. The power has not gone off since then. Why is this? What's going on? Did I simply have too many high-powered objects plugged into the same area at the same time? Or is something else going on here?