I have a 200 amp main. I will need to run 100 amp service to a mobile home that is 120 feet away. I have schedule 40 pvc 24" deep for the run. My panel has been green tagged and my trenching and conduit approved. I paid the local power company $5600.00 to run power to my land 1300 feet away from the closest pole. I thought they were going to run all of the wiring but found out they will only run to my main. My 200 amp main is 120 feet away from the 100amp sub on the mobile.

I need to know what size wire I will need to run for this. I prefer copper but the cost may change that to aluminum. The house will have a 220 volt dryer and an electric water heater. The AC will have it's own run from the main, other than that just the typical 3 bed home.

Thanks for your time!

Thank you for your time