The sub panel is 100 ft away from the main 200 amp panel.There will NOT be any machinery (welders, table saws, compressor or any other motors except the washer and a secondary refrigerator). I'm thinking 4-#6 THHN wire enclosed in 1" armor cable in attic then buried in 1" pvc sch 40 and protected at daylight with 1" pvc sch 80. A 20 amp breaker dedicated to the washer (is this required to be GFI?), 8 outlets on a 20 amp circuit (GFI breaker), 20 amp to a box giving power to 4-CFL lights, a outdoor sensor light, low voltage landscape lights. I will be placing a BBQ area next to the garage in the future, so I will have to pull 1-2 outlets and 1-2 lights. Any problems?