I am installing a pump on an existing well. The motor on the pump is 230 volt/7.2 amp. The placard reads ,"switchless motor, no switch, no governor,Thermally protected KA".
The following are questions I have regarding the installation:
1) What breaker would be correct, since it is protecting a motor?
2) Is 10/3 sheathed cable in pvc conduit adequate for an approximate 60/ft. run, panel to motor?
3) What needs to be done to ensure safe and compliant grounding? The motor frame has a small lug attached to it and a grounding-rod type clamp attached to the pressure- gauge nipple. This unit was rebuilt and put into storage many years ago, so I am unsure if these were put on by a knowledgeable person. The panel is at the service entrance and has a main disconnect, ground connected to neutral.
4) The well casing is 2" galvanized steel. Can I use PVC fittings ,pump to well, or will this affect the grounding?
As for my skill and knowledge, I have a background in general contracting and I know my limitations, so I very carefully follow the rules. I feel comfortable doing this project, but if it starts to feel like I'm in over my head, I will consult a real electrician.
Thanks, Ken