I currently have a washing machine (new) connected to a GFCI outlet in my basement. I just purchased the house, and this was how it was wired.

It is my understanding, that as long as this outlet is not near a sink, it does not have to be GFCI. My main problem is that the washing machine keeps tripping the GFCI in the middle of a cycle. I was going to replace this recept. With a normal one, however when I went to look at the breaker box, I found that it is wired along with parts of the living room on a 15A breaker.

I recall a need for the washing machine to have a dedicated circuit, so I am considering running a new circuit from the box (on a 20A breaker) to one receptacle for the washing machine. Is this over-kill (wire is expensive... ), or am I following what should be done?

Thanks for the help!