Hi everyone,

I'm not very informed on the electrical workings of a house so please bear with me!

Last night my washing machine, located in the laundry room of the basement stopped working. It had been working perfectly up until then. I tested the dryer next to it and it worked and everything else in the basement was working (lights, TV, etc.) I then tried plugging the washing machine into another outlet in the basement hallway and it worked. However, after running for a while while plugged into the different outlet, it stopped again and I also lost power to my living room area, which is on the main floor of my home.

So, to recap:
The original outlet the washing machine was plugged into does not work
The outlet in the basement hallway does not work & no power in the living room area

I did a visual inspection of the fuses in my fuse box but could not find anything that looked blown. Tried replacing some fuses but it didn't change anything. Since it's only specific outlets and a specific area with no power, I'm thinking it's not a blown fuse. As I said, I'm new to this, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated!