I am in Honduras, where, the NEC does not apply, and what a mess we have without it..
I can put any size wire anywhere, and no one cares, except me. I am putting in a 150 Amp Service and the breaker panel will be about 50 Ft from the Meter.. I have not yet figured the size wire I need to the meter.. that I am trying to determine.. I have a water heater, elect dryer, elect stove, dishwasher, and several othewr prtable appliances, toaster, fry pan etc..

Whatever size I need, (would like to know) I will use, but my main concern is, from the meter to the power at the pole.. Here to hook that, all you do is call an electrician, (and that name is only for one brave enouogh to do the job, no qualifications) and most of the cable from the meter to the pole, is, not sure about this one, but about no 8 aluminum. And my main concern here it, I do the house correct, turn stuff on, and the wire from the meter to the pole disappears as melted aluminum.. Confusing I guess, but any input.(no Question mark on this spanish puter..