Hi there! I was wondering if someone can tell me how exactly I go about doing this safely. I have an existing 2 prong ungrounded plug... theres no ground to this receptacle... old metal box does not seem to be grounded either. I would like to replace this receptacle with a 3 prong GFCI receptacle, and add 2 additional receptacles on this circuit. The room is a bedroom and the load on the circuit would be a lamp and computer/peripherals. I need something to protect my computer in the case of a power surge. I know I can connect all the receptacles ignoring the ground wire on the downstream receptacles and label the receptacles non grounded GFCI, however, I really would prefer an easy way to actually make this circuit grounded. The light, switch, other receptacle in the room are grounded with new wiring... this is the only one in the house that is still knob & tube. I can't add additional receptacles on the other grounded circuit as I fear the load will exceed 15 amps.

What should I do and how? HELP!!