I need to replace a shorted capacitor on my ceiling fan. I traced it to the 6uf 250v cap that is part of the 3-capacitor module which has 4.5uf 280v, 5uf 250v and 6uf 250v. Rather than replace the entire module I want to replace the single 6uf cap with a new one. The question is about which caps are OK to use and at what voltage rating. Does any cap with a value around 6uf and a rating of 250v OK? Is the voltage rating DC or AC? The ratings on the module just say 250v (or 280v for the 4.5uf). If this refers to DC or AC, it makes a big difference in the rating of the replacement cap. What is the peak-to-peak voltage these caps see? And would any cap rated at just 250v work in this application?