I am replacing an older style vanity light in a guest bathroom. The old light has a convenience outlet built into the light fixture base. The new light has only a black, white and ground wire. The painters removed the old light so I do not know how it was connected. The wires coming from the box are: 2 white wires connected together and capped, 2 black wires connected together and capped, and one red wire. I have tried to wire the light as follows: Capping the red wire and connecting the white from the new light to both whites from the box; connected the black wire from the light to both black wires from from box. When I do this and turn the power back on, the light stays on all the time, i.e. turning the switch on and off does nothing, the light is always on. Other info: the switch in the bathroom has two switches, one which operates the light and one which operates the fan. How do I wire the new light to the existing wires? Donna