I am trying to run wiring from my main service panel to a hot tub on our back porch. My father was an electrician, so I have a fairly good base of knowledge, but I wish he was alive to help me out. To save on the electrician install, I was going to install the 240 breaker in the box and then run wiring through the atic to the porch location. I am assuming I would need to run the wire through gray conduit pipe throughout the atic and then down from the ceiling to a dedicated service panel on the porch? The full run will be about 65'-75'. Don't most hot tubs run 6/3 cable? Will that long a run mean I should use heavier cable? I was going to hook up the wiring to the spa and just follow how it is wired at our old house before we move it, buy my wife is scared I'll make a mistake. I'm sure it would save a good bit to at least the cable run myself.:confused: