My problem is a couple of my outlets didnít work. They didnít have power, meaning I plugged the microwave in and nothing worked and I also tried this thing that I use where I plug it into the outlet and it tells me if I have it wired correctly. That showed no power to the outlet since none of the lights lit up. I checked the fuse box and the fuse was still good.

So I pulled the outlet cover off and pulled out the outlets. The wiring appears to be OK. Iíve lived in this house for 2 years and everything has been fine. Actually the wiring has to be only 4 years old as itís a newly remodeled kitchen. I tripped the GFI reset and it popped back on, meaning I have power to the outlet. However, while doing this, another outlet made a popping sound and a small amount of smoke came from the outlet. None of the fuses have blow.

The interesting part is, I used the outlet tester and it says all the outlets are either Hot/Neutral Reverse or Hot/Ground Reverse. I tested these outlets about two months ago and they were wired correctly. So something is not right, as some times I donít get any power to the outlet, or it says the outlet is wired incorrectly. Is it possible there is a lose wire? Or bad GFI? Or since it has been 100 degrees the past couple of weeks, and thereís been random dimming of the lights that may be caused by power-surges?

Throughout this hole ordeal, the fuses have never tripped.

Any possible trouble shooting ideas?