Thanks, first, for any help we get on here!

We have been experiencing power fluctuation in our home for several months. The home is very old, and we are finding had some corroded parts we had to replace and some strange wiring. The problems basically started when we repaired our washer, which was no longer spinning. After that, we started having flickering lights during the wash cycle.

I called the electric company, and he said it sounded like a neutral problem, but that the levels were fine on their end, and the problem must be in the house. We replaced a few corroded bits on the neutral at the main breaker that the electric company guy had pointed out, but it didn't fix anything. The problem seemed to grow from that and we started getting the flickering lights with other major appliance usage, like the refrigerator going on and off.

The problem was getting worse, and soon we noticed things like not being able to run the microwave and toaster oven at the same time. We got the main panel replaced with a brand new 240V service, something we needed to have done anyway. That didn't fix anything, and in fact the flickering and lack of power has just gotten worse. Sometimes the washer will shut off at spin cycle. Sometimes the microwave just won't heat anything at all without anything else being on.

So today, the electricians put in 5 new circuits, as with the house being older, there were too many things on just a few circuits. The microwave, frig, washer, dryer, etc got new circuits. Unfortunately, we still have the same problems.

Can anyone lend their thoughts? The electrician is coming back tomorrow but I'm afraid a big price tag will come along with identifying the problem. Is there a way to isolate this neutral problem, if that is what we're having? Perhaps identify a particular circuit that is failing so we only have to replace that?