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    Jul 18, 2005, 12:45 PM
    Outside GFI circuit - 15amp outlet on 20amp circuit
    I need a better understanding of what I should do when setting up my new outdoor circuit. I've got a circuit that runs about 150 feet, so I'm installing 10g wire to allow for the voltage drop. I read in the Home Depot Electrical 123 book that I can have at most a 15amp circuit with 10g wire on such a long run. So I purchased the wire and have run it already. Now I have a few questions about the type of breaker and outlets/switches I can and should use.

    1. :confused: If I have a 20amp breaker in the panel (not currently used), can I use it and put 15amp outlets and a light switch on that circuit or maybe just change everything to 15amp?

    2. :confused: Since it's outside, I will be using GFCI outlets, should I use 15amp or 20amp GFCI outlets?

    3. :confused: Does it matter if I have just one or if I use all GFI outlets?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Jul 18, 2005, 05:46 PM
    1.With the #10 cable, using the 20 amp breaker is fine, along with 15 amp devices.

    2.You may use either 15 or 20 amp GFI devices. Best to use the 20 amp to allow you to use the 20 aamp capacity if you come along with a true 20 appliance. You will notice the 20 amp recptacle has one port that resembles a "T". A true 20 amp appliance will have one blade perpendicular to the other blade.

    3. One GFI will cover the circuit. Using more than one GFI will give you the ability to have a reset button at each receptacle location to save from walking back to .

    Remember to use the new "In Use" weatherproof covers. These are best to use to allow a plug left in the outlets for extended periods.

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