Hi All!

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Today I noticed that my outdoor plug sockets are not working. There are two outdoor plug sets.. one in the front porch... and one in the backyard porch area. Anyway... the plug had a few Christmas light decorations plugged into it. Was working fine the past couple of days. My sprinklers had come on and maybe about after 10 minutes... all the lights turned off. I thought a fuse may have blown... or the breaker had tripped. I tested the lights from an indoor outlet using an extension cord and all the lights work perfectly. The outdoor plug in the front has no power... nor does the backyard outdoor plug. The breaker was not tripped. The plug is rated at 15amps and the breaker its on is 20. I reset all the breakers.. and yet there is still no power to these outside plugs... I checked the plug and wires... no burns.. etc... reseated the cables to it.. still nothing! Baffles me! :confused: Could someone please help me out... and if this problem is posted elsewhere on this site.. please do send me the link.. I searched.. but couldn't find anything like this.