Stupid question: Where would the circuit board or switch be for outdoor outlets? We have one outlet in front and one in back and neither one are working. They're both GFCI with no reset/test buttons. The only GFCI outlets we have inside the home is in the kitchen and we've reset it and nothing has happened. The reset/test button was not sticking out, we just thought it might be connected somehow. The main circuit board, in the garage, does not have a listing for outdoor outlets.

We've plugged in our Christmas lights and they've been working for a few weeks, until last night - they went out (we had a light rain), and now we're not getting any electricity from the outlet. We figured it may have "quit" due to the rain and the outdoor plugs.

Any suggestions? We just moved into this house, so we're still learning where everything is...

Thanks for not thinking of me as an idiot.