I have a 1997 Oakwood Double Wide Mobile home that we have lost power to 1/2 of living area, all of master bedroom and all of master bathroom. Have checked all breakers and replaced the one that kept tripping that controls the rooms with no power, but when we reconnect power to the breaker is still trips. We have checked out outlets in the areas with no power and discovered 2 outlets that were burnt on the back. We replaced those, but breaker still trips. Have tested wires from both of those outlets and discovered that one set of wires (both outlets have 2 blacks and 2 whites plus a ground)in one of the outlets is shorted out somewhere between that outlet and the breaker box. I understand that with the way these homes are wired that it's a domino effect and that it has been. All other outlets, lights, and switches show to be good when tested with OHM meter. How can I find out where this bad wire goes to next or get a wiring schematics of the home? Or the name and number of an electrician in the Ellis County, TX area that works on these. Have had no luck in finding one myself. No one seems to know about them that covers this area.