I have acquired a Champion C46535 4000 watt peak Generator from a family member. He bought the generator new for his rv and used it one season and it worked fine. He put it in his shed and when he took it out next season and started it up it did not produce voltage. He is not mechanically inclined whatsoever so he just bought a new one and gave me the old one. I know it is not a high quality generator by no standard but it would be fine for me to run a few lights during a power outage or something similar. I am a marine engineer, and have a decent electrical understanding but this has me stumped, so I would like some help. This is what I have found:
The generator produces about 8.6vac when running. It also produces about 8vdc from the 12v receptacle. I first thought that the generator may need to be flashed, so I done that by applying 12v to the brushes but no success. I also tried other methods for flashing by using the drill method (dont laugh, you'll try anything once right.. haha) etc. but all with no success. I called Champion and after speaking with a technician on the phone he suggested buying a new AVR, so I did that but I still get the same results. (8.6vac). I got a troubleshooting sheet from champion, it stated to check the resistance of the rotor by checking across the slip rings. I am supposed to get 45 to 55ohms and I got 54 so that appears in spec. I metered the stator windings using both a ohm meter and a megger but the stator appears fine, no short circuits, open circuit to ground, etc. I checked the 2 yellow wires going into the avr, and I get about 5vac with the engine running. I applied 12vdc directly to the brushes with the avr disconnected but do not see any output still, even though it is suggested that I should see 50 to 60Vac. The brushes are in perfect shape and the slip rings are clean. Visually the rotor and stator appear as good as new, very clean and no signs of getting hot, no smell either. The entire unit inside and out looks like it was just bought, no scratches, dirt, anything. The one thing I do find odd though is that when I apply 12vdc to the brush assembly with the AVR disconnected, nothing happens other then a little "Spark" when I connect the leads to the battery, however when I connect the AVR to the brushes wthout the 12vcs connected the generator "cuts down" as if it were loaded but still 8.6vac at the terminals. If I check the voltage at the brushes with the engine running and avr connected I seem to get 115Vdc, this also strikes me odd. I would like to get this unit working but I feel I am not getting anywhere. If I can't fix this myself I will have to give up on it as servicing it by a professional would surely cost more then a new one of these. I would appreciate any help,
Thanks in advance!