I'm having an electrician install this fan in my living room with a sloped ceiling (slopes from 1st floor to second - 45 degrees?). The electrician (who has NOT read the instructions ;) ) believes I need a different canopy cover, one with an elongated opening, due to the slope of my ceiling. From what I read (and THINK I understand) in the installation instructions, in addition to running all over town looking & asking, it seems that the canopy I have should work, the one that came with the fan. Has anyone installed this fan on a sloped ceiling? If you needed a different canopy cover, where did you get it? I have a generic white one that I think I'll paint, if that's what it takes to make the electrician happy & finally get this bad boy installed, though if I can tell him that other people have had success with the provided (and much nicer) canopy cover, that's even better. Thanks for your help!