Please help - I'm beside myself on this one having spent pretty much all day with no luck! I apologize this is long but I guess for someone to help I need to be specific.

I'm replacing a Hunter fan with a Minka Aire Cobra. The Hunter fan was wired to a single flip wall switch that basically stayed on all the time. The fan and lights were run solely from the remote control that could be mounted on the wall or carried around. Basically, we never switched it off from the wall, the remote would do everything.

I'm putting in a Minka Aire Cobra with a wall mounted (wired) control that does everything from the wall. I plan to buy a hand-held remote for it later.

I've hung and wired the fan - white/white and black/black from the ceiling to the receiver. Then from the receiver, I've connected white/white, black/black and blue/blue to the fan. Grounded green to bare wire. I also have a red up there that was capped off and tucked inside. I left it like that as I understand that wire would be to control the light if I did not have a remote system. They didn't use it on the Hunter either.

In the box on the wall I have a red, white and black (and a bare wire for ground). The new switch/remote has two black wires coming out of it - one labeled "to fan" and the other labeled "to power supply". So, I wired it black/black (to power supply) and red/black (to fan). The white I left capped (as they had it) and tucked inside.


I then tried switching it around black/black (to fan) and red/black (to power supply). No luck. I've tried other configurations as well with no luck. From the fan, if I wire black to black and white to white without going through the receiver, the fan starts up. I didn't try the red to blue to try the light but assume it would work if I did as the wire is live. I've tried putting back in the original on/off switch to see if I could just turn the damned thing on - no luck. I'm getting desperate at this point.

I've gone through the directions a dozen times, as has my husband, and we can't seem to figure out the problem. I spent an hour on the phone with my father (who is a contractor and has installed probably a hundred fans) and he can't seem to tell me what the problem might be. If the red wire is capped in the ceiling, what completes the circuit? In huge bold letters on the remote (both wires) it says "DO NOT CONNECT TO NEUTRAL WHITE WIRE". Both my husband and father say I have to use the white in order to complete the circuit. I also read a few other postings where this was suggested and was the solution. I only slightly touched the black (from remote labeled "to fan") to the white and it popped - not good sounding. I can only hope I didn't fry the remote. I'm not thinking that is the solution.