My meter base will have an outside 200amp disconnect. It will also have three 30amp breakers to feed the A/C units located a few feet from the meter. There will also be a 200amp main panel located in the basement.

My question is if my disconnect outside is a 200amp and I have three 30amp breakers for the A/C units, will it be fine to have a 200amp main panel inside. Or should it be smaller since there are three 30amp breakers outside. There has been a survey done using total estimated amp usage that included all major appliances, A/C & Heat units, square footage etc. and it showed that we will be at about 147amps total.

Another question that I have is about the 30amp breakers outside. From what I understand, they will be the thinner space breakers to allow for room to fit three of them in the slots. The electrician said that they will be double throw. Is this OK?