How do I make my own swag light. I try to find a swag light kit with a socket incuded with the kit. But, I cann't seem to be able to find one. Someone at Lowe's told me that if I want to use a shade that I will need the kit with socket but the local one did not have one, neither did the Home Depot. Have seen them on the HGTV but I seem not to be to find where they get the kits. I live in the West Texas area. This person also, told me that I could use a pedent light instead use the swag kit without the socket and plug it into the wall outlet instead of hardwire it to a box. I do not have the hardwire in the place I want to put it. First, So what can I do and do you know where I can get one with a socket included in the swag kit?:eek: