What I have is a home built in 1960 moved in 2 years it had a meter hanging from the rear of house with no main, 240v 50amp circuit to stove, 240 30amp to dryer, 5 breakers for the rest of house 1 20amp and 4 15amp.

What my plan is to replace the meter housing and put a g.e. 200amp Disconnect on the rear of the house and put the new main panel in the basement along with 2 sub panels and another sub panel in the garage
All ready talked with utility company and they will change out my overhead to a bigger size and do the meter change over for me.

Here is my small list of questions---

Can I have a main disconnect outside plus one in my main panel and garage subpanel?

What size wire to run from my disconnect to main panel in basement about 30 -35 feet away?

In my main panel would like a 200amp main------ from main to garage is about 15 apart would like a 100amp main in subpanel plus the 100amp 240v in main
What size wire should I use for this?

Will have 70amp breaker in main to first subpanel which will have all my lower amp circuits 20 total circuits lights, kitchen,etc. will this work

Will have 40amp breaker going to 8 circuit sub panel which will have a t.v.s.s snap in breaker and 6 afci 15 amp breakers controlling all bedroom circuits- does this sound good?

Thanks for all your help. I have done a break done of my proposed circuits on an excel spreadsheet if someone could give me an email to verify