We have a mobile home, and we've lost power to a bedroom we used as a media room, and along one wall in our living room. Our 2 yr old daughter was flipping the light switch, she flipped it 3 or 4 times by the time I got to her, she'd flipped it again (yes she was doing it fast!) and then everything in the room died, and so did the two outlets along the wall in my living room. My husband checked the breaker, and that's when we found out our living room is wired to two different breakers... Since that didn't work my husband replaced the breaker for the room and that half of the living room. The weirdest part is that the breaker also works our TV.. but it still works:confused:there is a bathroom between the living room and bedroom, and the bathroom still worked as did the closet light in the bedroom because they are on a different breaker. We replaced the light switch in the room thinking that maybe it was causing a short if something broke in it, but that didn't work either... Please help... We want to sell this house and buy a bigger one, but can't sell it if the electricity in the bedroom and half the living room doesn't work.