Current setup: Three small rooms, each with its own 120 volt baseboard electric heat, each with a 25 year old wall mount single pole, line voltage thermostat. All 3 room heaters are on the same breaker. Current single pole thermostat connections have 3 wires: black, red and white.

I need to replace with double pole thermostats so I can selectively turn off individual room heaters.

I purchased 3 new Cadet (Honeywell) line thermostats, T410B Bimetal 22amp Double Post Wall. They have (2) black and (2) red connections... Labelled L1, L2, T1 and T2.

I plan to:

(1) disconnect power
(2) remove old thermostat
(3) reconnect power
(4) determine which wire to thermostat is the hot feed
(5) disconnect power
(6) wirenut L1, L2 and hot feed together
(7) wirenut T1, T2 and load wire together
(8) Terminate white wire.

Is this correct?