This problem is driving me crazy. I have phone and DSL coming into my home on the same line. DSL splitter is outside. When it rains, incoming calls ring once, then stop. The DSL continues to work fine. I have tried disconnecting the house from the incoming line at the NIC box outside and the one-ring problem remains. I have even taken a phone outside in the rain and plugged it into the SBC NIC box and it just rings once and stops. Seems to me it is the telco companies problem.

The problem is that it is intermittent. Last time I had the problem I called SBC and they sent a lineman out 3 days later. The rain was gone and so was the problem. He said there was nothing he could do!

Today it's raining again, the problem is back, and I have arranged another service call, again 3 days away. If the lineman again tells me that there is nothing he can do, assuming the problem clears up again, could anyone suggest a different approach I might take to get this problem repaired?

Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.