I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with three wires emerging from the top: white, black, red, and green. Presently the white, black, and green are hooked up to a switch and the fan works fine. The red is capped. The fan also has a chain which I intend on keeping on the medium setting indefinitely.

Emerging from the fan's light housing are two wires, black and white. If I follow the black wire into the housing, I can see a red wire as its source. I tested the black and white wires from the light housing with a multimeter and using ACV and there is no current. Based on all this, I presume the red wire from the top of the fan that is capped is what powers the light. There is a chain for the light which I intend on keeping "on" indefinitely.

I'd like a single wall switch to turn on the fan and the light simultaneously. If from the top of the ceiling fan, I connect the black and red wire together to the black from the ceiling, will I accomplish what I set out to do in a safe manner. I'm a little reluctant to just test it for fear that I'll fry something.