I have a problem with a ceiling fan capacitor I hope you can help me with. My daughter's fan was barely turning and according to the internet it was probably the capacitor. I removed it but was distracted a couple of times and apparently did not write down everything as I took the wires off. Bad me! I took it to Lowe's hoping they would have a replacement which of course they did not. He said it was the speed switch which he carried so I bought one to install.

Now my problem. The capacitor is a 5 wire --2 gray on one end and 3 wires, a brown, purple, and red on the other end. I have everything connected back except the red which connects to the red on the fan but I have 2 wires left, one brown, one gray, with only a gray wire coming from the fan. Do both of those connect to the gray wire.

My capacitor reads as follows.

4.5 uf/ 280v
6uf/25 ov