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    Dec 12, 2006, 02:19 AM
    Installing 3 way motion dector light switch with 4 wires
    How do I install the light swith motion when I have 4 wire wires on house wiring has black,red,white,ground wires on a 3 way light switch and my new motion dector light switch back looks like this on top wire on left side is red and yellow, right side green ground, bottom left side black, right side red wires, what color do put togther on this light switch.
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    Dec 12, 2006, 03:30 AM
    What is the make and model of the sensor switch you have?
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    Dec 12, 2006, 04:18 AM
    It is a Levition decora cat. No. PR180 Thank you
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    Dec 12, 2006, 11:27 AM
    Several other people have had problems connecting this type of sensor switch, and each installation can be a bit unique.

    Look through these previous posts for an understanding and what they did to make it work:

    Hope this helps.
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    Dec 13, 2006, 06:55 PM
    I called Leviton help line and they started to talk in terms I did not understand so I asked for him to talk in laymans terms I could understand. First he asked me how the old 3 way switch was hooked up I told him I did because I worte the connections down where they were at exactly, the four wires I had were BARE COPPER wire ground on left bottom, BLACK wire on left top, RED wire on right bottom, WHITE wire on top right which is the hot wire or common in my home wireing. He told me to hook the GREEN wire from the PR180 3 way switch to my BARE COPPER wire, switch BLACK wire to my BLACK wire, switch YELLOW @RED wire to my RED wire, switch RED wire to my WHITE wire which is my HOT wire or COMMON ---BLACK SCREW. Than for the YELLOW JUMPER wire on the other light swich down in the basement attach the jumper to the BLACK SCREW and the other end to the BRASS SCREW (DO NOT PUT TWO PR180 SWITCHES TOGEATHER ---{ LIKE IF YOU HAD A LIGHT SWITCH AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS THAT TURNS THE LIGHTS ON AND THE OTHER SWITCH DOWN IN THE BASEMENT THAT TURNS IT OFF LIKE I HAVE BECAUSE I HAVE TWO SETS OF STAIRS IN MY BASEMENT ONE ON EACH SIDE OF THE HOUSE}---- IT WILL NOT WORK) I did this and at first it did not work so I turned the light switch on in the basement and it works. Now I have to read how to make the light sencor stay on longer before shutting off while I am still in the basement. ANY IDEAS. Hope this helps for all of us that do not understand electrical terminalogy and that are do it our selfers. Thanks everyone for your help.

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