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    Mar 12, 2010, 07:15 PM
    Installing 2 hole plugs with new 3 hole plugs in a very old home
    I am trying to install new plugs through out my entire home. This home currently has 2 hole plugs. How do I ground the new plugs, all the wiring is old 2 wire wrapped in what seems to be a cloth like insulator. Having the same problem with installing GFI plugs with Light switch combinations. Any help would be helpful. Thank You
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    Mar 13, 2010, 04:33 AM
    What can be done is to install a GFI circuit breaker for each circuit that has receptacles that will be changed to 3 wire.

    This will not create a equipment ground. Each new 3 wire outlet installed will need a label stating " No Equipment Ground".

    These labels come with GFI receptacles, I do not believe they come with GFI breakers.

    You can use GFI receptacles, one at the beginning of each circuit and it will protect the remaining receptacles downstream. Problem here is often times the device is too large for the existing outlet boxes.

    Devices, such as surge protectors, that need an equipment round to operate, will not operate properly.

    There is a misunderstood exception in the electrical code, you may have heard of, that allows a ground wire to be installed to the grounding electrode system, however, this is only for a new outlet and cable extension,not for existing outlet.

    In this case, my advice will always be, if you can run a new power cable from an existing outlet, and then run a ground wire to the grounding electrode, you can run a new power cable to the panel.

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