I have 52'' hunter ceiling fan, model westside. It can only operate by remote (no pulling chains or switch whatsoever). The fan receiver is bad. Hunter company told that the receiver which cost about $40 + shipping. :(

Now I just bought another 52'' hunter fan, model Park Hill. It comes with pullling chains and reverse switch on the fan. It also has remote and receiver.

My question. Can I use the Park Hill receiver to put in the Westside fan? And here's my wiring configuration. The westside fan has white, black with white strike, red, yellow, pink, gray, and green.
For fix reverse rotation: yellow to white and gray to pink or white to pink and yellow to gray. For light and on/off fan switch: white/yellow from fan to white from ceiling, Red from fan to red from ceiling (ungrounded), black with white strike from fan to black from ceiling (ungrounded). Lastly, green to green. Is this the right way for wiring?
By the way, the new receiver has 2 cap 5uf in pararell same with old fan. However, the new receiver has another 4.5uf cap while the old fan has 5uf cap. Thanks for you help.