I have a Hunter ceiling fan, model 25466 with a light kit. While wiring the light fixture some of the wires were pulled loose. I need to find out what wires go with which ones to fix it. Going into the fan are three wires, one black, one white, and one black and white striped. On the bottom of the fan going into the light fixture are one white, one black, one yellow, one pink, one gray, one red, and the black and white striped wire.
Connected to the reverse switch are two yellow and two pink wires and one white. Connected to the three way pull chain switch are the one black wire from the fan, as well as one gray, one brown and one green wire that also goes to the 5uF resistor (large) and from this resistor there is another gray wire that looks to be wired to the other gray wire that goes into the reverse switch. There is another resistor that has one red and one white wire coming from it. There were four white wires connected together but one of these pulled loose from something inside. How can I figure out which wire the white wire connects to?

The next question would be, which wires do the black and white wire from the light fixture hook to?:eek: