Appliance: Hunter ceiling fan; Problem: Zing Ear pull chain switch #ZE-268S6
The pull chain broke inside the switch. I replaced the broken chain but then
Couldn't put the switch back together correctly.

The switch consists of two halves: one side with the electrical connections,
Which appear to be fine, and the other side with the mechanical switch
Assembly contained in a light green plastic "housing" with a small fixed tube
In the center. The tube has one narrow slot that goes from top to bottom.

A small wire spring fits over the tube. One end of the wire is bent at a right
Angle towards the center of the spring. This end fits over the tube, with the
End of the wire held in place horizontally by the slot. The top end of the
Wire is bent outwards at a right angle.

Next is a small clear plastic piece with a center hole that slides about 1/8"
over the wire & fixed tube; the end of the wire that is bent outwards fits
into a slot on the plastic piece and is held in place on that side of the plastic
piece. On this same side, two links of the pull chain pop into two ball shaped
openings. On the other side, there is a small tube shape over the center hole
with 4 small ramps/teeth that fit into the matching ramps/teeth on the
electrical half of the switch.

Between the mechanical and electrical halves is a flat black plastic piece
with a center hole (tube shape with teeth fits thru this); one ramp/tooth that
goes on the mechanical side; and two kind of Y-shaped projections that stick
out on the other side & that fit into matching slots in the electrical half.

When the chain is pulled, it's supposed to turn the clear plastic piece, which
in turn, switches the electrical side to the 4 different positions. My problem is
that the pull chain doesn't "rebound" or click to the next position. So my fan
Works on the one position the switch is stuck in. Do I need to wind up the
Spring with extra chain? I haven't been able to figure out how the black plastic
Ramp/tooth fits against the clear plastic piece. I'm sure it's something simple,
But I'm not getting it. Can anyone help me, please?