I have a house built in the 1890s with the original knob and tubing wiring. I'm completely remodeling the bathroom and I want to rewire 3 bedrooms. At first, my plan was to use one circuit per room, but I'm not going to have enough circuits in the existing panel for that.

So my question is, how much can you put on one circuit. I found an article that said 8-10 lights with outlets, but how many outlets should I put on one circuit, figuring these will be bedrooms which could potentially have tvs, stereos lamps, clocks, toys, plugged into them and a bathroom with hairdryers, curling irons, etc plugged into them, plus an exhaust fan and wall heater.

Secondly, when referring to "lights" does that mean bulbs (say one light fixture has two bulbs in it) and is that considering 70 watt bulbs or 40 watt bulbs or what?