How many outlets can you put on a 15 amp circuit?
I am doing some wiring in a new garage I just built onto my house. The electrician I used never came back to finish the job and stop returning my calls. I am pretty sure I can finish it myself but I am having trouble. According to the plans all the lights and outlets are on one 15 amp circuit. This did get approved by the city to get the permits. All I had to do to finish the job is put 2 more outlets in, so I ran the wires and tied them into the last outlet on the line, but every time I flip the breaker it pops back instantly. There is nothing plugged into any of the outlets to be drawing a current. The plans have 2 lights and 6 outlets on one circuit, is this to many? If not what are other possibilities of what is causing the problem? When I disconnect the 2 new outlets and the problem stops.

Thanks to anyone who can help.