I have a single-car detached gagage w/an overhead electric door. The garage has a dawn to dusk light fixture mounted above the overhead door and hard wired to a second fixture on the side.

When I am inside the home (at my back door), I cannot see the front of the garage or its door thus, I do not know if the door is up or down.

I wish to remove the dawn-to-dusk and replace it with a standard spotlight fixture. What I would like to know is... do you have a thought or two about how I might hard wire a 110v switch that turns on this new fixture using the door's movement of (UP for ON) or (DOWN for OFF)?

I can only think of placing a switch in a receptacle box near the edge of the moving door with some sort of stiker attached. Somehow, I think that may be a bit too... easy?

Your thoughts are welcomed.

Mike P in Cleveland